Most frequent questions and answers

No. Vaastu Shastra is non-religious and affects people irrespective of religion, cast , Creed or color.

No. Vastu Shastra is applicable all over the world and all the vastu rules remain the same.

The pooja room should always be situated in the North, East or the Northeast side of the house. One should face towards East/North while worshipping.

Facing towards “North” or “East” while studying or Working, has a good impact on improving memory and productivity or people.

According to Vaastu . east is considered the best direction for cooking and eating, as it promotes effective digestion and good health.

According to Vaastu, South West corner of the bedroom is the best position to place the bed, as it will increase mental, physical productivity and work spirit.

According to Vaastu , North or east direction is ideal for the Main entrance as it attracts wealth and prosperity.

According to Vaastu North-East direction is best place for Meditation.  

Try to have even number of doors in a home

Facing Towards “North” or “East” direction while working, improves productivity.

“According to Vasthu Shastra Aquarium should be in the North-West or South-East corner of the house which helps in Purifying the house.”

Make sure you sleep with your head towards the south for sound sleep…

Lift is mostly made of metal & the positive direction for metal is west. Moving nature of lift prefers it in north-west of the building structure. Entrance & exit doors of the lifts should be in the east or north. Location of lift should not be in the north-east zone of any building  .”

Keep a tulsi plant in the north-west area of your premises but its height should be less than 1.5 meter

The Swimming Pool in your Home or apartment complex shouldn’t be in the west, south, or southwest direction. It is , however, considered auspicious to have a swimming pool in the north or east direction.

  •  Ideal placement of the kitchen is in the southeast direction of your home.
  • Keep the cooking gas or hob, microwave oven in the east of southeast corner.
  • While cooking or preparing food, face towards the east.
  • The cooking gas should not face any door, window, toilet, and staircase.


Plants will give greenery to your office as well as will bring good luck. Some of the great plants to be planted at the office are bamboo plants, jade plants, or snake plants.

The north-east or east direction is good for the areas of the reception desk at offices. French lavender flowers or green jade flowers are great for keeping in reception areas. The receptionist can sit facing north or east.

North or north-east or north-west direction are good for the entrance of the office. These directions are auspicious and bring positivity. which helps in Purifying the house.”

The southeast direction is good for constructing a pantry in your office. You can choose light blue or green color for your pantry. Also, it would be great to keep some plants there.

People say that washrooms give negative energy. So, you must place your washroom in the right direction. The west or northwest direction is good for washrooms. These Vaastu tips are really important for your office.

Employees should be facing the north or east. It is because this direction improves productivity.