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Best Vastu Directions for Home in Secunderabad

North-East direction and its importance in increasing positive energy at Home

According to ancient Indian tradition, home is an extension of your body and inner spirit and while it reflects the inner energy of its occupants, it also attracts positive energy from the outer environment into our lives.  Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that deals with understanding the way these architectural structures can attract energy into our living spaces and acts as a bridge to balance the energy in the natural surroundings and the inner energies of the occupants. Proper design and orientation of our buildings can increase the positive energy in our homes and can create more love and harmony, an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, North-East is the best Vastu Directions for Home.

From time immemorial, India has used Vastu Shastra to design and build any structural buildings in alignment with solar energy, geomagnetic energy in harmony with daily human cycles. All the compass directions have a significant effect on human activity and the natural elemental forces. Therefore the nature of use and the direction of the rooms and spaces are prescribed accordingly to imbue appropriate elemental energies and in turn bless your home lavishly with positive energy.

The four main Vastu directions for home, as well as the four Vastu sub-directions for home, are very important in Vastu Shastra :









Here are some tips to make use of the North-East direction in the Vastu of the house to increase the positive energy in your homes:

Let the Sun and energy flow into the house

It is a known fact that the sun rises in the East and sets in the west while moving through the Northern direction. The early morning rays are very important and it is only natural to allow this energy into the building. To receive as much as this morning sunlight keep the Northeast or the “Ishanya” corner open. While designing the house keep in mind that ample sunlight is allowed into the house with a lot of cross ventilation in the Ishanya to enhance the bio cosmic fields to radiate positive energies.

Water bodies in the North-East corner

If one wants to store up the solar energy the best way is in water bodies as water tends to absorb sunlight to a great extent. Therefore Vastu suggests having water bodies in the North-East corner of the plot or building. Any water storage bodies such as the reservoirs or tanks should be ideally constructed at the North-East corner to get the positive benefits of Vastu design. Never placing toilets in this corner can have serious implications and cause ill effects to the occupants as it flushes out the positive and bio- cosmic forces and deprives the building of positive energy.

Keeping the North-East clutter-free

Since North-East is charged with high amounts of energy, heavy structures should be avoided and constructions should keep this place clean, well-lit, and clutter-free to give an open and lighter tone. This will enhance the bio-cosmic energies entering into the house and bring good luck and prosperity to the occupants. Low-level terrain should be maintained and a small garden with smaller plants can be grown but never crowd the space with tall trees or tall plants. Any plant that blocks the sunlight or cast a shadow on the building is not acceptable at the North-East corners. 

Consecrated spaces in the North-East corner

The Ishanya or the North-East direction has high positive energy and therefore Vastu Shastra recommends building or using this corner of the homes as a consecrated area where the family prayers can be performed. The divine energies from this sector of the house will bless the occupants with an abundance of force and prosperity. This corner can also be used for other knowledge-gaining pursuits, education, or spiritual activities. Avoid keeping polluting materials like a trashcan, mop, or broomstick in this section of the house as it interferes with the positive energy flowing through this space into the rest of the house.

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