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Best Vasthu Tips for Home in Secunderabad

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science used as an architectural guide to building homes and living spaces, in alignment with the natural energy fields. A home is not the same as a house, as it is not defined by the walls but by the people and their families who live in it. In Indian culture, homes are treated as a member of the family. Starting with house-warming ceremonies, decorating their homes during festivals, or doing pujas and rituals for the house during family occasions like weddings, people share their happy and not-so-happy moments with their homes. This blog contains basic Vastu tips for the home, from the Vasthusubramanyam .

Eliminating negative energies and building a positive atmosphere can bring abundance and prosperity into one’s home. A happy home radiates positivity by enhancing the health and vitality of the people living in the house and therefore best Vastu tips for homes are important for a person’s wellbeing.

Vastu Tips For Main Door(Entrance) For Home

The best Vastu-compliant home has the doorways and entrances placed in the right direction to absorb the most positive energy into the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the best position for the main entrance of the house should be in the Northeast, East, or North sides.

Vastu For Living Room

The living room is a place where most of the family spend their time together, receive guests, etc. and therefore it is the most energetic center of the house. To get the most energy flow, living areas have to be clutter-free and in the direction of the north, northeastern or eastern side of the house.

Vastu For Bedroom

A bedroom is a symbol of comfort and relaxation. It is a personal space in our home where we dissociate from the days’ stress and workload. Enhances vitality by providing the best sleep. It is also an ideal place where relationships are built and strengthened especially between couples. Ideally, the bedroom in a southwest direction brings good health and prosperity. The bed placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom, with your head facing west is the best position for sound sleep and an energetic body.

Vastu For Kitchen

A kitchen is directly related to the health and wellbeing of the house, not just because we prepare our healthy meals but also because it holds the fire element of the house. Vastu Shastra says that having this powerful area of the house in the southeast corner burns away all the bad energy out of the house and sends only healthy aromas inside the house.

In addition to having the best Vastu complaint homes, it is very important to place the furniture, etc… In the right places so as to not restrict the energy flows, and therefore consulting a good Vastu consultant can help balance your homes.

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