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Vastu Consultants in Banjara Hills

Vastu Consultants in Banjara Hills

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian system of architecture used for building structures to be in alignment with that of nature. It literally translates to the “science of architecture”, which includes designs, measurements, layouts, space arrangements, spatial geometry, natural planetary, and elemental sciences to be considered while constructing any building structures so that we do not obstruct the natural energy flows.

There is a certain energy to all the elements in nature which when understood and applied can benefit us in more than one way. When we aren’t in alignment with the geomagnetic forces, it’s as if we are trying to swim against the watercourse. Although we don’t immediately see its effects, in due course we might be affected by the low energies and face issues leading to ill health, misfortune, and struggle. An abundance of studies and experiences are revealing the benefits of this traditional science in our homes, office spaces, and other areas of our life.

Vastu Shastra’s relevance today has increased furthermore as more and more people are referring to and consulting Vastu experts in Hyderabad before constructing any building. As a result, a great deal of articles on Vastu is seen in the market. A bombardment of Vastu consultants in Banjara Hills is making it difficult to choose the best ones. Especially in a growing metropolitan city like Hyderabad, a search for an experienced and truly knowledgeable Vastu expert is strenuous and hard to find.

We make it easy for you to separate the wheat from the chaff. You have rightfully landed on this webpage for Vastu Brahma Shri Late Kasinadhuni Subramanyam, the best Vastu consultants in Banjara Hills.

About Vastu Subramanyam

Late Mr. Vasthu Subramanyam was a very renowned Vastu consultant, who is familiar to all celebrities and politicians in India and many countries like Dubai, Kenya, etc. Born in the year 1928, He Remarkably served society through print media and Vasthu consulting. At the age of 22, he stepped into the print media, as he learned all the skills needed for it. In the year 1960, he joined an evening course at Nizam College Hyderabad and completed his Graduation. 

He was also a disciple of 11 Peetadhipathi’s in Shaiva Matha temple which evolved before 100 years. Besides Paper publishing, As a Vastu consultant, he has helped many reputed people not only in India but other countries like Kenya, Cyprus, Dubai. Beginning from the common people he has helped professionals, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MPs, and many other officials. Even the Sheikh of Dubai has invited him for his building constructions. He visited Dubai 10 times in a single year. He also advised several Vastu changes in the Temples like Yadagirigutta in Telangana, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams, and Bhadrachalam Temple.

Later, Kasinadhuni Srinivas Son of Late Shri Kasinadhuni Subramanyam, joined the legacy of his father in Vasthu consulting. Under the guidance of his father he has already served many clients and has made a name for himself by his professionalism and knowledge. He is serving society and added a plethora of top clientele to his own portfolio through the Knowledge gained from his father. He is a very Professional, Trusted & Reliable Vastu Consultants in Hyderabad, India.

He is guiding many politicians, celebrities, and people around the world who are looking for Vastu Services. His main services include monitoring Vastu for Independent Houses, Apartments, Gated communities, Corporates, Factories, Residential Lands, etc. He is one of the most active and in-demand Vastu guides in and around Hyderabad. Clients include most renowned celebrities like G V Krishna Reddy family, Kodela Shiva Prasad, T.Subbirami Reddy, Dr. Ananth Kumar (Apollo Hospitals), Agro Mech Industries, TVS Motors, Visaka Industries & V6 News.

When you are constructing a home or office, besides the best raw materials you find the best architect and engineer who understands your needs. When you spend so much time, money, and effort on your constructions’ it does not hurt to also consult a Vastu professional who can guide you to position your structural elements in alignment with the astronomical and natural forces to get the best positive results out of your projects.

When there is physical discomfort you consult a knowledgeable and experienced doctor when you need legal advice you go to the best Lawyer in the city. Similarly, when you want your home and office spaces to be vibrant and bustling with high energies and prosperity, you want to consult a Vastu specialist and not depend on amateurish articles and neighborly tips. We hope you find the best fit for your needs in the most experienced Vastu consultants in Hyderabad, Kasinadhuni Srinivas.